Speaker & Teacher

David has challenged

  • +1000 audiences
  • in +100 cities
  • across 4 continents

as a featured speaker at 

  • colleges and universities
  • religious assemblies
  • civic arenas
  • private homes

with media appearances in

  • print
  • radio (e.g., NPR’s “All Things Consdered”)
  • television (e.g., debate participant on CNN’s “Morning Business News”)

David’s story-telling talent
challenges old assumptions
with new perspectives
you’re surprised to even consider.

not content to simply entertain,
he’s happiest when thanked for challenging people
in ways they never expected.

Some Themes

  • “What’s Wrong With Charity?”
    being donor-centric, it measures results that matter more to funders than service clients
  • ”How Fair is Fair Trade?”
    survey the 30 year old movement: its ambition and fractured accomplishments
  • “Exposing the Doctrine of Discovery”
    archaic Christian dogma underlying manifest destiny that the Supreme Court still relies on
  • “Socially Responsible Investing 101″
    practical ways of leveraging personal values to influence capital deployment
  • “Curbing the Superiority Complex”
    what good people of privilege can learn about collaboration from Steve Biko, South Africa’s ‘Father of Black Consciousness’
  • “Social Enterprising Your Nonprofit”
    strengthen a mission’s integrity and revenue via businesses to improve client economies
  • “From Domination to Partnership”
    converting unsustainable tactics of control into a more productive dynamic
  • “Microfinance: When It Works and When It Hurts?”
    learning to recognize the competing interests of investors and borrowers

Fee Expectations:

  • “an honoraria consistent with how your group pays people like me”
  • reimburse travel costs
  • lectionary-based preaching: $500 min. (depending upon service schedule; travel time)